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    About the Toolkit

    Kathy Stevens, Executive Director of MCAEL

    A Note from MCAEL’s Executive Director:  

    The Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy (MCAEL) is very pleased to offer this online version of the Program Administrator Toolkit.  Originally published in 2019, the Toolkit is part of MCAEL’s ongoing effort to support and enable adult ESOL provider organizations and instructors to provide quality, learner-oriented instruction, based on proven best practices. It draws on the expertise of MCAEL staff, partners in the coalition, and practitioners in the field to provide a practical guidebook for community-based adult ESOL programs. 

    We are fortunate to have enlisted Alex Galen, ESOL and Literacy Program Coordinator at Montgomery College, to help us draft this Toolkit. Our sincerest thanks to Alex, to all the program administrators who made contributions here, and to those who served on the Toolkit Review Committee, who spent hours reviewing various drafts.

    We hope that you find this a useful resource, no matter the size of your program, or its stage of development. We’d be interested in your feedback; please feel free to email us at program@mcael.org.

    Happy reading!

    Signature of Executive Director, Kathryn E. Stevens

    Kathy Stevens, Executive Director



    MCAEL would like to thank all of the program managers who worked on and contributed to the Program Administration Toolkit. Thank you for sharing your time, insights, field experience, and tips, and allowing us to share photo images of your classrooms.

    Author: Alex Galen
    Project Coordinator: Rudi Jeung
    Proofreader: Karen Kulgren
    Graphic Design: Marty Ittner
    Photography: Stephanie Williams, Dave Asche, Karen Torrico