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    Content and Structure

    This online version of MCAEL's Program Administrator Toolkit contains all the content from the original hard copy version published in 2019, as well as an additional section on Distance Learning. The toolkit is organized into sections that are in the general order one would encounter when planning and implementing a class. However, the toolkit is designed as a reference, and as such, each chapter on a specific topic can stand alone. You can  jump to sections/chapters that are most relevant to your program’s needs.  

    Each chapter has 1-4 tabs, for example: 



    1. Key Issues – main issues in a Q&A format, includes online resources  
    2. Examples and Tips - practice examples and tips from adult ESOL provider organizations in Montgomery County, Maryland.  These programs are at all stages of development, and range in size from an enrollment of tens to hundreds and include structured managed enrollment classes as well as informal drop-in conversation classes.  A thumbnail description of the organization’s program appears with each example, so that the reader can see how it compares to their own program.  
    3. MCAEL data - provides data from the MCAEL network where illustrative 
    4. Worksheets - provides downloadable forms and worksheets  


    Be sure to check back periodically as the content will be updated regularly with new practice examples and resources.